Saturday, April 23, 2011

Victorian Edwardian Early 1900 Trumpet Cage Crinoline

side view of trumpet cage support with a tulle flounce at the back

silk petticoat over the trumpet cage

The Edwardian period began in 1901. Fashion went through another metamorphis. A popular design was the S shaped silhouettes, trumpet skirts, and Gibson girl hairstyles. The pictures above are one of our trumpet cages with petticoat.The cage is designed to project out the hem of the skirt into a trumpet shaping.The wait to knee area fits tapered . A flounce with hoop steel in casings makes the foundation shape the dresses befitting of the Edwardian era.

This type of cage works wonderfully with mermaid dresses and gowns.  It does not work with fish tail dresses and gowns.  The pinterest link below shows an awesome museum quality dress. The Edwardian dress is shaped by a trumpet cage, which projects the train out back. Without the cage under the dress, the train would go flat, and get in the way of the feet while walking. It would look like fabric dragging behind the wearer. Click the link to see for yourself.

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