Friday, June 17, 2016

Wedding Dress Problems

You found the wedding dress of your dreams!  You try on your dress, and get fitted.  Your dress is ordered. You come in for the final fitting. You ask the bridal store associates,"Where's the things that go under the dress to shape the dress as you saw in the pictures. The bridal associates do not understand what you want. 

You tell the bridal associates, "I thought my dress would look like the pictures I saw in the bridal magazines. The bridal associates reply, "It is the same dress."

You ask the associates,"Why is it that my wedding dress is not fluffed out like the dresses in the brides magazines. I thought the crinolines came with the wedding dresses."

The bridal associates explain to you that you will have to buy the crinolines some where else. You ask them where? They do not know. Some friends tell you to try or and search for hoop cages. 

You order a hoop cage that does no work with your dress. The hoop cage you ordered has distorted your dress into the wrong shaping. You order another, and another. None of the cages you ordered shape your dress as you saw in the bridal magazines. You are now in tears, and very disappointed.

You have less than one month left before your magical wedding day, and you know that something is not right with your dress. Your dress looks like fabric sagging and dragging in front of you, and behind you. you do not no where to turn.  You cannot return your dress, and start over. What next?

You go to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other wedding blogs in search of a hoop or petticoat that will bring your dress to that just right look .  Maybe your wedding dress does not fit well, and you might need alterations. Maybe you thought you could get a cheap online dress that looked like a designer dress on the models. 

Wedding dresses are so costly that you cannot afford the one that you really want. The cheap wedding dress companies promised you pure silk. You got  polyester, and no silk anywhere on your wedding dress. You ordered ivory. They shipped you white. The wedding dress problems just go on and on and on.

You thought that buying your wedding dress would be a wonderful experience. Instead you end up horrified at how you have been mislead by the so called "cheap wedding dress companies online. Your wedding dress adventure leaves you frustrated. 

You need a wedding dress consultant. Most reputable bridal shops have a wedding dress consultant that will save you time,money, and heartaches. Speak with  a consultant before purchasing your dress. If you already have your dress, and you are disappointed, speak with a wedding dress consultant. the consultant can help you iron out those problems, and put you on the fast lane to getting your desired results.

 If there is not a wedding dress consultant in your area, I can help you with that.  I have been in the wedding dress business for years, and have worked with all types of budgets.  I have over 998 positive feedbacks on ebay  where  I have been selling custom  petticoat hoops,cages, and cinolines to brides and historical reenactors, and also cosplayers.  I began working on ebay in 2004.

I also have an  shop on etsy  where I have custom made bustles, hoops, petticoats,crinolines, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, reenactment costumes, cosplay costumes, mens frock coats, historical costumes and much more. I began developing my etsy shop in 2009,  and open up in 2012. I have over  300 positive feedbacks on etsy.  I am a custom clothier / designer / seamstress and  dressmaker. I also have a private website showbelles .  

You can contact me on etsy   by sending me a convo or message through the etsy message system. You can also contact me on  ebay  through the ebay message system.

I can tell you up front that you will not get a pure silk dress at bargain prices. A pure silk wedding dress is made from fabric that starts  around $38.00 per yard...more or less. Two months ago, I worked with an April 2016 bride called Jess.  Her pure silk wedding dress was custom made by a fine silk bridal company   Ersa Atelier   Jess' wedding dress was very much like  Grace Kelly's gown
Grace Kelly's gown was worn over a bell shaped cage. 

Although Jess had the perfect gown custom made to her measurements,  by a top of the line fine bridal designer and manufacturer...Jess went through thousands of miles of wedding companies and providers to locate the bell shaped cage to shape her dress. Jess had the perfect dress... but the shaping was off course. Jess's  dress was dragging and sagging, and looked sad.

My next post will be on how I worked with Jess to resolve her wedding dress problems three weeks before her wedding date.