Thursday, May 31, 2012

Round Circular Hoops


The most commonly used historical cage crinoline is the bell dome shaped hoop cage crinoline.The bell dome hoop cage is round and dome like. This type of cage is worn with Victorian, Civil War, Dickens, Southern Belle costumes. The skirt or dress is usually rounded with a circular hem sweep circumference of 132 inches and higher. The hoop cage will shape your dress costume into the bell dome shaping.The dress costume on the left is shaped with a 6 hoop steel boned muslin cage crinoline. The sweep of the dress is 180 inches circumference. The length of the dress is 46 inches from waist to hem. This helps you to see the amount of lift that the hoop provides under the dress.The hoop can be purchased from's-Bridal-Shop. The Dickens black velvet corduroy cape dress can be purchased at  Please check with the seamstress/designer to make sure the dress is still available, and has not sold out.