Saturday, January 18, 2014

Victorian Steampunk Gothic Bustle Cages and Dresses on the Pinterest Website

There are thousands of beautiful pictures of Victorian Steampunk and Gothic attire on Pinterest. Use these pictures to help you determine the proper  undergarments and cage support for your dresses and costumes.
A poorly fitted Victorian garment  can ruin the entire dress costume. Victorian attire historically was custom made to fit each figure. Most Victorian era socialites had undergarments made to match each costume.Some of the undergarments were even made in silks. So take advantage of the resource we all have using the Pinterest website. You will find tons of  bustle dresses  with my  "how to wear comments."  Take a look at my Pinterest board that has loads of  Victorian  bustle cages  with commentaries and comments. Next post, I will borrow photos from Pinterest to show you how to select the proper cages for your Victorian dresses and gowns. Thanks for visiting.