Saturday, April 9, 2011

Short Mini Bustle Cage with Petticoat Built into the Bustle Cage

The shorter mini bustle cage rest over the hip area at the back. The bustle can be made with or without a petticoat built into the bustle cage frame. Most of our Victorian reenactors want the petticoat built into the frame because it looks more feminine and fun. The  mini bustle is great in black or white muslin. Four to five rows of hoop steel are used in the bustle to create the projection at the back. The projecting pushes the back of the bustle dresses out with grace. this bustle is not designed for dress with trains. The dresses can have slight trains that are not over 4 to 6 inches long. Look at the pictures below to get an understanding of the dress that is best with this bustle.Post a comment if you have questions.
side profile that shows the projection

closer side view

front view shows how the front is open for close fitting bustle dresses

back of the built in petticoat ruffling
Notice the hemline of this lovely dress that was custom made by Miss Lisa of "You're Never Out of Style Boutique. Miss Lisa can be contacted at  if you wish to discuss one of her fabulous Victorian or Civil War dresses that you might be interested in. Notice how the hemline of this Victorian Polonnaise dress gown is level, and there is no train. The short mini bustle is ideal for this type of bustle dress or gown. Notice how the front of the dress gown fits close to the front and sides of the silhouette. This is why the front of the mini bustle cage remains open. Please wear a petticoat under the bustle if needed. This dress should be worn with a slimmer lightly gathered petticoat only for extra body. The dresses have a richer more polished look when worn with petticoats. This dress can also be worn with a bustle pillow for lift at the back. Always do a dress rehearsal  before attending your events.You should make adjustments before you you  wear your beautiful bustle dresses.

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