Saturday, April 16, 2011

Plus Sized Bustle Cages

Plus sized figures can wear bustles too. Bustles of all types can be custom made to fit larger sizes as well as smaller sizes.This is one of my custom made plus size bustle made from the Laughing Moon historical pattern line. The bustle cage is the knee length bustle that has train support. This size bustle will support trains that are six to eight inches longer than the front of your bustledress. The cage can be covered with ruffling for the built in petticoat. These pictures are for a good view of the bustle structure. All Laughing Moon bustles have stays that are laced with drawstrings. The stays control the shaping of the bustles. The tighter the drawstrings are pulled, the sharper the curve projects at the back. the looser the drawstrings are worn, the softer the curve, and projection becomes smaller.

side view of lobster tail bustle

back view of lobster tail bustle for plus sizes


  1. Will you be posting anymore bustles like this on etsy?? I need to purchase one - thank you

    1. I will list this one on etsy for you. By oversight, I forgot this one. Check the etsy sight in about an hour. Thanks much.