Friday, April 22, 2011

Steampunk Gothic Bustles and Costumes

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The fabulous costumes above are from Look under the  Steampunk Gothic Burlesque searches. The sellers of these costumes have artfully and tastefully pulled together the Steampunk Gothic half  bustle skirts that have the apperance of bustles without the hoop steel in the casings. Accessories include shrugs around the shoulders, corsets, net stockings, and steampunk boots.

Steampunk and Gothic bustle costumes have more of a Bohemian gypsy vagabond theme. Black is usually the base color in each costume.I have seen these adorable costumes complimented with plaids, prints, dots,tartans, stripes and more. The top hats are great with these costumes, or lavish hairstyles. These Bohemian themed costumes are seen all over the globe at various faires and carnevals. The ruffled tournure type bustles can be short,mid length, or long. These are more of the fun type bustle costumes.

Steampunk dress that sold on ebay months ago
one of my custom steampunk bustles
The gold and royal Victorian Steampunk dress above was sold on ebay several months ago. I thought it was an excellent example of fine steampunk themes in the more dress. Notice all of the  stunning black trim over the vivid and royal. If this dress was shortened, and rucched at the back, it would pick up with the netted stockings as in the pictures above.You can pull one of these outfits together with things you have in your closet.

The black Steampunk gothic bustles is one of my custom bustles made to fit your size. Tiers of silk ruffling and lace are cascading down the back. The bustle can be changed to have the ruffles cascading down to the floor and in a train. Have fun in your  cosplay and reenactment adventures.

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